Asset Pro® is an Asset Management System developed by Golden Aurum System Solutions Inc. This aims at the ease of managing fixed assets with the use of RFID technology and may be combined with QR code and/or barcode.



Make informed decisions and monitor the cloud-based asset management solution performance with predefined and custom reporting capabilities through the Dashboard Module.

Asset Audit

Streamline asset audits using RFID technology. Automate tracking and simplify monthly inventory checks for increased efficiency.

Asset Maintenance

Check the status of assets through Preventive Maintenance, Corrective Maintenance, and Work Order.

Asset Ingress/Egress

Monitor your assets and personnel passing through entry and exit points using RFID technology.

Locate Asset

Effortlessly manage assets with our real-time tracking system. View last known locations on dynamic maps for streamlined operations and enhanced security.

Mobile Monitoring

Effortlessly monitor your assets on the go with Asset Pro®'s mobile capabilities.

Asset Info

Stay in control wherever you are! Asset Pro® offers seamless mobile monitoring for your assets, ensuring effortless management on the go.

Asset Assignment

Efficiently manage asset assignments by utilizing a streamlined process to identify and assign assets to personnel, ensuring accurate tracking and accountability.

Asset Categories

Empower users with the flexibility to create customized asset categories based on types, facilitating organized classification and efficient management of diverse assets.

Asset Pro® Live

A subscription-based Asset Management System empowers organizations with a dynamic and scalable solution for seamless tracking, monitoring, and optimization of their assets


  • Flexible Subscription Plan
  • Accessible in any Location
  • No Upfront License Fees
  • Seamless System Update
  • No Server to Maintain
  • Multi-branch Capability

An asset management system is an application to manage, track, and monitor company assets with ease and efficiency. With the help of RFID technology, an automated tracking and faster inventory of assets is possible. The burden of doing inventory of assets on a yearly basis, which consumes a lot of manpower, is now answered. With Asset Pro®, a monthly inventory can be done with ease with the use of RFID.";

Compatible RFID Hardware

Asset Pro® Mobile App

Designed to help you with current assets, fixed assets and tangible assets. Asset Pro® mobile app can help your organization collect better data and in real-time, improving your asset management processes and communication between departments.

To streamline operations, the system seamlessly synchronizes data from Asset Pro® Web to Asset Pro® Mobile, allowing for efficient asset registration using RFID handheld readers and enabling the swift identification and assignment of assets to personnel.

Effortlessly track assets by scanning and searching for their locations, monitor the movement of assets in and out, and conduct thorough audits, facilitating modifications to asset locations and enhancing visibility of missing assets at audited locations.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Asset Pro®?

    Asset Pro® is an Asset Management System developed by Golden Aurum System Solutions Inc. Its designed to simplify the management of fixed assets using RFID technology, QR codes, and barcodes.

  • What is an Asset Management System?

    An Asset Management System is an application that helps organizations manage, track, and monitor their company assets efficiently. It streamlines asset management processes, making it easier to keep an accurate record of assets.

  • How often can asset inventory be conducted with Asset Pro®?

    RFID technology enables automated tracking and faster inventory of assets. It eliminates the need for manual inventory checks, reducing the time and manpower required.

  • How does Asset Audit work in Asset Pro®?

    Asset Pro® allows for monthly inventory checks, thanks to the efficiency of RFID technology. This eliminates the need for yearly manual inventory efforts.

  • How can I locate my assets using Asset Pro®?

    Effortlessly monitor your assets on the go with Asset Pro® mobile capabilities. Asset Pro® offers a "Locate Asset" feature that shows you the last known location of your assets on maps, helping you keep track of their whereabouts.

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